Why a Visit to the Dental Clinic is Important

Most people in Chatswood today remember to make regular visits to their dentists with the exception of a few who only seek the services of the oral healthcare provider when there are oral issues. All the same, whether it is a regular visit, or one sought after oral problems arise, the choice of a dental clinic Chatswood has is very important. One cannot just pop into any clinic without doing plenty of research.

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A normal or regular visit to the dental clinic Chatswood has now is different from one that is determined by circumstances like toothache or swollen gums. Under normal circumstances, a patient will go through the following procedure…

The Procedure at a Dental Clinic

  • Talk to the receptionist – The receptionist checks the appointment, reminds the patient about the charges and communicates the dentist’s message to the client. Check out the layout of the dental clinic Chatswood has if it has this kind of arrangement.
  • Meet the Hygienist or Dental Assistant – As the name suggests, hygienists prepare the patient for the dental procedure just ahead. They also assist the dentist by having all the tools and materials needed within easy reach. Find out if the dental clinic in Chatswood has state of the art tools and materials for use.
  • Have Dental History Taken – The dental assistant takes a look at the patient’s history by asking questions. Some of these involve medications used, any health complications or diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and the rest. A dental assistant may also wish to know if a female patient is pregnant. One must expect personal questions. The aim is always for the best interest of the patient. In case an assistant at the Chatswood dental clinic makes a patient uncomfortable, the patient has the right to raise objections.
  • Teeth Cleaning – After sharing information regarding personal and dental health, the mouth can now be subjected to cleaning. Plaque or tartar that has built up over the month is scrapped off from the line just below the gum. After this, flossing is done round and between the teeth to remove any food particles that regular brushing has not removed.

After cleaning the teeth, they are polished to give them a shiny and smooth finish. Polishing helps to remove any remaining residue that the cleaning might have left behind. After the polishing, teeth will not easily collect residue.

  • Mouth Examination – After the teeth have been thoroughly cleaned, the rest of the mouth is subjected to an exam to determine any underlying problems. In case the gums are swollen or there are certain sores within the mouth, they are handled too.
  • X-Rays – The final procedure is the x-ray of the mouth taken. The dentist wants to ensure everything is perfect within the mouth and will therefore wish to know if anything could be amiss. The x-ray will display every part of the mouth and the state they are in.
  • Results and Advice – After all the above, the dentist will give the patient results of the examinations and give necessary advice. At this point, a patient is scheduled for the next appointment. Visit the best dental clinic in Chatswood to have the best dental experience.

The teeth deserve proper care and one way of ensuring this is by initiating regular visits to the dentist. Check out http://bentleighdentalcare.com.au/.


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