Rehabilitation Tips for Patients Undergoing Joint Replacement

Finding a reliable surgeon to perform joint replacement on your knees is one step to your recovery. The next and equally important part of the process is the rehabilitation. Doctors recommend that every patient goes through a proper course of rehabilitation. This is important in order to fully experience the surgical benefits. The rehabilitation process usually begins right after surgery while the patient is recuperating in the hospital. However, it can continue for weeks or months after surgery.

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Strengthen the Replacement Joint

The primary reason for undergoing rehabilitation is to strengthen the knee joint replacement and the surrounding bones. There are a series of exercises to be done in order to facilitate in this strengthening process. However, it is important that these exercises are facilitated by an expert physical therapist, especially when you underwent total joint replacement. If you perform the wrong exercises, it can aggravate the joints and cause tremendous amount of pain while the surgery has not completely healed.

Aside from restoring the function in the joint area, it is also important to rebuild strength in the muscles around the affected joint. If the muscles are healthy, the joints will also heal up quickly.

Restore Range of Motion

The ability to regain your range of motion is one of the initial challenges you would have to face after joint replacement. Your physical therapist will have you perform gentle exercises designed to improve range of motion and gain flexibility. These exercises will also enable you to bear weight on your newly replaced joint. With a better range of motion and a stronger joint, you will be better able to manage pain associated with your surgery.

Restoring Normal Activities

Getting back to your normal day-to-day routine is the primary objective of rehabilitation if you undergo joint replacement surgery. According to expert surgeons, you should expect to be able to drive. This particular chore will involve a lot of muscles and your joints on your legs, which is why regular exercise is important. At this point, you should be able to return for work as well.

Even though the doctors have this specific time frame to abide by, it can be different for each patient. Some patients might recover faster while others will take longer to get back to their normal routine. The severity of the problem will also be a crucial factor to determine the recovery period.

Other Tips to Improve Progress

To aid in the rehabilitation process, take note of these tips:

  • Do not perform any heavy or strenuous task during your rehabilitation period.
  • Performing activities that lower amounts of stress are acceptable. But if possible, you should consult your physical therapist first.
  • There are other sports activities that can also cause long term damage to your artificial knee. Hence, activities such as high impact aerobics, basketball, soccer, and the like should be avoided.

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